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They say music is a universal language of mankind that has no boundaries. The sole mission of Sangeet Vibhag of Hindi Manch is to connect hearts through music (sangeet). Hindi Manch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa music competition is one such event that is hosted by the Sangeet Vibhag. Infact, it is the flagship event of Hindi Manch and one of the most prestigious events of the New England community.

Ever since its first successful event in 2010, Sangeet Vibhag has continued this legacy taking it a step further providing a non-biased platform for anyone and everyone to showcase their talent and passion. We have also had the honor of having esteemed musical maestros who have judged Hindi Manch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa:

Shri Sureh Wadekar

Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan

Santan Goswami

Minoo Purushottam

Sangeet Vibhag has given the community some amazing singers. Some of the winners of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contest have gone further to create their own hit music albums, perform in Broadway-style musicals, and participate in Voice India contest.

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